Collection: CBD SWEETS

  • 20 sweets per pack
  • 25mg CBD per sweet
  • Great for home, office or car
  • Just enjoy one when you feel the need-great for chill time
  • The first proper CBD sweets- no more need for generic flavoured gummies!
    These ruddy gorgeous rhubarb and custards are identical to the sweet and zingy, pink and yellow thingy’s that we all remember but with a twist- a twist of CBD that is! 25mg to be exact.

    We all remember popping one of these beauty’s in and wondering which side we preferred- the vibrantly sweet and sour rhubarby goodness on the pink side or the ambrosial cream and vanilla custard that shines like the baby sun from the teletubbies on the yellow. The world my friend, is your proverbial oyster.

    One of the best flavour combos on the planet now delivers your daily dose of CBD, only CBD Asylum can deliver this sort of sugary wisdom. And not an Oompa Loompa in site……..