• Sweet and dreamy Flavours
  • 20 sweets per pack
  • 25mg per sweet
  • Great for home, office or car
  • Just enjoy one whenever you feel like it.
  • The first proper sugar free CBD sweets- no more need for generic flavoured sugar free gummies!

    A favourite with the Wimbledon fans!

    Pop one in, have a suck on these and imagine a hot summers day, the birds tweeting, you’re sat in the stands for the men’s final with some of the ripest, juiciest reddest strawbs you’ve ever seen placed on your lap, all drizzled in some thick, ambrosial, decadent cream and then boom! You open your eyes and you’re actually sat in your back garden with the tv on! Unlucky mon amis. Unfortunately, these won’t transport you to the finer things, but they do taste class, they have absolutely zero sugar and they have a whopping 25mg CBD per sweet!