Collection: CBD OILS

Because CBD oil doesn’t have to taste like soil!

We’ve got CBD oil in all the colours of the rainbow for you to choose from, with a whole heap of fresh, fruity and tasty flavours – you won’t find any bitter, grassy tastes here! Plus, you have your choice of strengths, from 5% to 35% (that’s up to 3500mg) in our standard CBD oil drops.

Not to mention the bad boy of our range, CBD Infuse. This real heavyweight comes in a 30ml size with strengths up to a whopping 10,000mg of CBD. And with five delicious flavours to choose from, the CBD Infuse drops just can’t be beaten.

And last, but definitely not least, we have our Pro Oil and Absolute Oil- the single most complete CBD oils the world has ever seen. Our Pro CBD oil is a firm favourite of professional athletes and amateurs alike throughout the UK and for very good reason. The Absolute Oil, well this bright gold beauty brings CBD Oils to another level in terms of effectiveness!

Who else creates a proprietary blend of super oils to carry the CBD in, or a bespoke terpenes profile specifically aimed at post-workout recovery, or the stresses and strains of everyday life? Oh, what’s that? It’s just us?

We don’t mean to blow our own trumpets, but with the very best quality CBD oils on the market, absolutely no THC (ever!), and created specifically for easy, everyday use, it’s hard not to find your perfect, oil based partner.