Collection: CBD ASYLUM

From a pie-in-the-sky concept by two lads in Hull 5 years ago, to the most trusted CBD company in the UK, it’s safe to say CBD Asylum hasn’t spent a minute stood still.

Not ones to do anything by half, back in 2017 we did it the hard way- we learnt how to produce all our own products in our ISO level 7 cleanrooms rather than buying them in from another company, as many other CBD 'manufacturers’ do. After a short while we saw our opening, and realised people want variety, they want flavour, they want great quality and even better value and most of all they want the sort of customer service you’d expect at Buckingham Palace!

Off the back of this, in March 2018, CBD Asylum was born- the tastiest, friendliest, cheapest, best quality, and now the most trusted CBD outfit ever to grace the CBD industry!!